Throw out 4 parts from the vehicle that spoil your mileage – tremendous mileage in 1 liter petrol

Throw out 4 parts from the vehicle that spoil your mileage – tremendous mileage in 1 liter petrol

There are a lot of automobile companies in India, and most of the companies that promise to give good mileage extract an average of 20 to 23 or at most 25. And that too when you drive your car at very low speed, do not change gear much and at the same time keep constant speed, which is not possible for a normal driver.

Do you know that some such parts are inside the car, if you throw those parts out, then your car can get a very good average, If you want to increase the mileage of your car, you want to drive more and more in 1 liter petrol. So today we are going to tell you what are the parts that you change, then your car can give more average
Customized tires

If your customized is too heavy or too wide, then it puts direct pressure on the engine so that the grip of the car is created but there is more pressure on the engine which reduces the mileage of the car, on the other hand the company fitted tires are very light due to which the mileage is good.

If you use a spoiler in your normal car, then remove it now because the direct impact of the spoiler falls on the aerodynamic design of your car. The normal spoiler must have been seen in a sports car because it keeps the balance of the car which is good for a sports car. But it is not good for a normal car which directly affects the mileage of your car.

Heavy Protection Grill

When a new car arrives, many people have a heavy protection grill in front of their car.
but do you know that the heavy protection looks very good but it has many disadvantages, the biggest thing because of its heavy weight it directly affects on your mileage

If you have installed heavy roof rail in a small car, then remove it immediately. Heavy roof rails are suitable for SUV car, but if you apply it in normal car which can directly affects your engine which result in low average, as it is not suitable in small car.

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