Royal Enfield shock: Meteor 350 and Himalayan prices hiked

  • The new cost of METEOR 350 Fireball is presently Rs 1,98,537
  • Cosmic explosion cost climbed by Rs 6,429
  • Regal Enfield Himalayan (Gravel Gray, Mirage Silver) presently at Rs 2,10,373.
  • In the event that you likewise like Royal Enfield bicycles and you are intending to get them, then, at that point you will be hit by swelling. Two bicycles of Royal Enfield have become costly in India, which incorporates the names of Meteor 350 and Himalayan. The Meteor 350 is viewed as more premium than the Classic 350 and has premium provisions as well.
  • The cost of METEOR 350 Fireball in August was Rs 1,92,109 which has now gone up to Rs 1,98,537. While the Stellar cost was Rs 1,98,099 before (Blue and Red, Black), it has now gone up to Rs 2,04,527. The cost of Supernova has expanded by Rs 6,429, after which its cost has now gone up to Rs 2,14,513 from Rs 2,08,084 in August this year.
  • The Royal Enfield Himalayan (Gravel Gray, Mirage Silver) is currently evaluated at Rs 2,10,373 from Rs 2,05,784 prior. The cost of this model has expanded by Rs 4,589. Then again, the cost of Lake Blue and Rock Red is currently Rs 2,14,118 and the cost of Granite Black with Pine Green is presently Rs 2,17,862.


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  • Tell us that as of late the organization has begun the conveyance of the principal cluster of its new age 2021 Classic 350 (2021 Classic 350) bikes. This bicycle has been dispatched in India on first September at an underlying ex-display area cost of Rs 1.84 lakh. While the ex-display area cost of its top variation is Rs 2.15 lakh. With this, its deal has begun.
  • The Classic 350 is the smash hit model of Royal Enfield in India. There is such a gigantic interest for this bicycle that it very well may be checked from the way that each and every other bicycle sold by the brand in India is the Classic 350. With the bicycle dispatched with new updates, the organization expects an expansion in the interest for the Classic 350. Many changes are found in the recently refreshed variant of the organization’s top rated retro cruiser bicycle.


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